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Google AdWords campaign setup by Negeso13-06-2014

Let Negeso setup your Google AdWords campaign. With a Google AdWords campaign you advertise on Google Search based on bidding on keywords and based on pay per click. Below is an example of a Google AdWords ad in which Google AdWords advertises for itself:

Your ad has a headline in blue and short text consisting of one or two lines in black, and a link to your website in green. By advertising you can get more visitors to your website. Google AdWords provides comprehensive settings and analytics.

A Google AdWords campaign is a good addition to an (organic, that is in the free section of Google Search) SEO project for keywords that are not yet high in Google. Negeso does (organic) SEO campaigns, based on the three-step plan:

  • Keyword analysis
  • On-site optimization of content
  • Off-site optimization

For your Google Adwords campaign the keywords from the Keyword analysis can be used.

Setting up a Google AdWords campaign consists of the following steps:

  • Keyword analysis
  • Landing pages: design, writing and making of the lanfing pages in your website (where the user goes when he or she clicks on your ad)
  • Google AdWords campaign creation
  • Ad text ad writing and creation in your AdWords campagin
  • Bidding Strategy setup
  • Monitoring and adjusting

Writing an ad is an art in itself, because the number of characters is limited: 25 characters for the headline and two lines of up to 35 characters.

Negeso monitors your AdWords campagin initially, and makes adjustements if necessary. You transfer your budget directly to Google, Negeso receives no commission. Negeso only requires a one time fee for the setup of your AdWords campaign, after the setup you can manage the campaign yourself, of course Negeso is available for questions or additional support.

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