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New Language Pages feature in Negeso W/CMS


Negeso W/CMS offers more than 18 "Go Global" features, which makes it possible for the website to serve visitors, who speak different languages, well, and ensuring that the content administrator can easily and efficiently manage the content of a multilingual website or webshop.

Negeso W/CMS been expanded with the new "Language Pages" feature. This multi-language feature is standard in Multi-Language Edition the Enterprise Edition the Webshop Multi-Language Edition and the Webshop Custom Made Edition.

The Language Pages feature lets the visitor, if he or she chooses a different language, automatically routed to the appropriate language version of the page. For example, if the visitor is on the English contact page, and he or she chooses German in the "Choose your language" widget, the visitor will see the German contact page. This function works for all pages in the website menu, no matter how deep also the nesting of sub-pages in the menu("deep language switching"), and also for web pages that are not included in the menu.

The language pages can be managed fully in the content management system.

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