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Android Instant Apps

There is a kind of apps which we almost don’t use but they still take up a memory on our phones. So, is there any sense in downloading them?

The process of a website creation

There are two common ways of website creation. The first one is to create it by yourself using the existing templates or your own code and design if you are qualified enough. The second one is to ask the web agency to create it for you. People who prefer the second way usually don’t have to understand all the principles of website creation.

How to choose a domain name

One of the most common problems you can meet while creating a website is choosing a domain name.

Web Design

Everyone who have ever heard something about web design should understand that it is not an easy process at all. A website creation is a really difficult task. It should be not only an idea but a strong plan as well. This plan depends on your aims and the way you want your website to work.

Native, web and hybrid apps

Smartphones, tablets and phablets play an important role in everyday life of modern society. With their help people become able to have an access to the Internet wherever they are (if there is a connection in that place, of course). So, there is no need to carry the laptop all the time anymore. That is why most of modern brands prefer to have a mobile app. There are three kinds of applications: native, web and hybrid apps. Let’s consider all of them.

Trends in web design 2018

Design is a very significant part of websites making. It is the first impression user gets after visiting your website. So, it is important to be always aware of recent trends in web design if you want to make a good impression on your visitors.

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