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Negeso Consultancy

Negeso has an extensive network of consultants. Consultants with expertise in the area of (Internet) communication, (website) marketing and (online) advertising. No junior consultants, but experienced men and women who have made their mark in advising and supporting of small and large companies, (semi) government organizations and nonprofit organizations.


They can help you define strategic, tactical and operational objectives, translate them into plans and campaigns, as well as start up, guide and finish these campaigns successfully.


Besides advising, our consultants are also concrete and hands on. They have knowledge of and experience with Negeso Website/CMS. With our consultants, your objectives and plans will be ambitious and realistic so that they will be realized.



Usability Consultancy

Make your website more accessible. Our consultants can help you design the user interface and user interaction. Specifically, they can help you with:

  • Designing a logical structure for your visitors,
  • Offering the information that your website users need,
  • Achieving the goal of your website users,
  • Making a good menu and organized website navigation structure,
  • Designing Wizards or a product configurator,
  • Designing a webshop,
  • Placing content and images in the right place.



Social Media Marketing

Get more out of social media. Our consultants can help specifically with:

  • Creating a Twitter account,
  • Linking to the News Pull Module Negeso W/CMS so you can publish news articles from the Negeso CMS to your social media channels, without having to log in there,
  • Creating a Facebook business page,
  • Training your employees in writing social media news articles.


Tracking Website and E-Commerce Tracking

Knowledge is power. To improve, you need information about your website visitors. Our consultants can help you concretely with:

  • Linking your Negeso website to Google Analytics and Google Web Master Tools,
  • Creating and configuring Google Analytics and Web Master Tools profiles,
  • Making custom reporting,
  • Running reports and explaining,
  • Translating reports into concrete improvements,
  • Adjusting the measuring of E-commerce (AdWords) traffic,
  • Training your employees in self running reports, interpretating them, translating them into improvements and implementing them.


AdWords Campaigns

Writing a good Google AdWords ad is amazingly difficult. Our consultants can help you with:

  • Creating a Google AdWords account,
  • Defining an AdWords campaign,
  • Writing AdWords Ads,
  • Measuring traffic and effectiveness,
  • Improving AdWords ads,
  • Training your employees in executing AdWords campaigns themselves.


Search Engine Optimization

Getting higher in Google is not automatic and it is sure not easy. Getting higher in Google is a multi approach. Our consultants can help you with:

  • Finding the important keywords for your company,
  • Finding better keywords,
  • Adjusting the measurement reporting,
  • Improving your content (not just writing web pages but also writing catchy titles),
  • Training your employees in optimizing your website for search engines.


Tête-à-tête and remote Consultancy: "the new work"

Our consultants know the value of a tête-à-tête conversation. But why unnecessarily face traffic? With modern text and video communication, already a large part of the remote consulting work can be done. This saves time and is good for the environment! Consultancy on location counts per day and remote consultancy counts per hour.


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Gemiddelde beoordeling 5 / 5 gebaseerd op 250 beoordelingen.
"Innovatief CMS en uitstekende service!"
" Negeso heeft onze multi-language website gebouwd. Online CMS, erg makkelijk in het gebruik. De automatische website vertaal module is een slimme tijdbespaarder. "
"Wij verkopen onze producten nu wereldwijd!"
" Negeso heeft onze multi-language webshop gerealiseerd, aangesloten op onze world-wide payment gateway, en geintegreerd met onze ERP/SAP. "
"Prachtig webdesign!"
" Negeso Negeso creerde een prachtig webdesign voor onze nieuwe website. Harmonische layout, mooie typografie en fraaie graphics! Zij weten hoe de 'ziel' van onze organisatie te visualiseren. "


Negeso can help you with your adaptive/responsive web design, your website, shop, online marketing, social network design, ERP connectors, mobile apps in Android, iOS or Windows mobile, online strategy consulting, SEO, and much more. Choose from & nbsp;%% N_ED_COUNT editions and more than & nbsp;%% N_MOD_COUNT modules.  

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