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Improve your website content with Negeso’s Text & Graphics solution

Most organizations and companies consider a clear and good looking website as one of their most important priorities. In today’s digital world a website gives customers a first impression and is therefore often seen as the business card of a company. However, not only the package but also the website content is crucial for website users’ opinion. Readable texts that are up-to-date and free of spelling and grammar mistakes will give the organization or company a professional look. Since most companies and organizations don’t have enough time to pay attention to their website content, Negeso decided to offer its Text & Graphics solution.

On the one hand we can write new texts, lay-out them and implement them into your website. These texts can be written based on an interview during which we ask you several questions about your company or organization, your mission, your target audience, your products and services, etc. On the other hand we can rewrite your existing texts and transform them into decent web texts that are appealing and persuasive, and incite your audience to go into action.

Additionally, we can have our web designers create graphics that correspond to the texts. The main goal of these graphics is to support your texts and to highlight the essentials. Eventually, texts and graphics will form a harmonious unit.

Last but not least, we will take the so-called search engine optimization (SEO) into account. We do this by inserting smartly chosen key words into your texts, by formulating your texts in a certain way and by providing them with meaningful titles. This all implies that we will write your texts in such a way that they will become highly visible in Google’s and other search engines’ search results, through which potential customers will visit your website faster and will purchase your products and services earlier than expected.


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