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Negeso Website/CMS Experience

By having a Negeso website, your visitors will have the most pleasant surfing experience possible. As a website administrator, Negeso W/CMS will offer you a sophisticated, yet user-friendly, Content Management System.


Website Administrator Experience

Manage your website with your browser

You can easily manage your Negeso website yourself with your browser. You can use your browser to create pages and edit the text on your pages. All management functions are available online. You can create as many pages as you wish and publish them because Negeso CMS has no artificial limitations.

Online word processor

The online visual editor of Negeso W/CMS allows you to edit the text of your website with your browser. If you are familiar with Microsoft Word (or a similar word processor), you can instantly create and publish your pages. The text revision feature allows you to repair errors, similar to Undo (Ctrl + Z) in Word.

Menus and pages

You can change the menu on your website yourself by using the Menu Editor. In a Negeso W/CMS website you can add an unlimited number of menu items and create pages and publish them. Negeso CMS has no artificial limitations.

Customer Portal

In the Customer Portal you can keep track of all your products and invoices at Negeso. There you can manage and buy your products online. For example, you can reset the administrator password of your website.

Social media integration

You can automatically publish news articles to social media sites like Twitter and Facebook, i.e. without having to log in on those websites.

Languages and Translation

A Negeso W/CMS website includes the possibility of an unlimited number of language or region/language environments (Enterprise Edition). The CMS has the automatic Translation Module (standard in certain editions) that also preserves layout and converts links. All texts, including system-generated, are translatable (called localization).

Google integration

A Negeso site meets all technical requirements of Google Search, ensuring that your website may be properly indexed by search engines. Negeso W/CMS integrates with many Google applications, such as Analytics and Web Master Tools.

ICT systems integration

You can integrate your Negeso website with your IT systems, both ways. For example, synchronize your product catalogue or transmit orders to your back office system.

Forms and workflow

Your website visitors can fill out a form, for example, to ask a question or for a simple order processing. The completed form will be e-mailed to you. In Negeso W/CMS you can publish an unlimited number of forms.

Priority delivery service and website design

If you have, for example, a marketing campaign that needs to be online quickly, then choose the "priority delivery" module. Your website will then be online within 5 business days. By using our website setup service, Negeso will set up your website for you.

Multiple administrators

Several people in your organization can manage your website, of course each administrator having his/her own login. You can see who changed what and when.

Global placeholders

Placeholders prevent inconsistent content on your website. Do you have, for example, brand names or prices occuring on multiple pages, then you can manage the text or the amount in one place. This prevents misspellings or pricing errors.

Hosting, technical management and back-ups

Negeso provides the hosting, management and technical back-up. We make on site and off site back-ups. The reliability of our servers will result in a high uptime of 99.9%.

Domain names

Attach multiple domain names to your website. In the Customer Portal you can manage the DNS of your domain names and you can register (buy) domain names, and much more.

Website Visitor Experience 

Attractive web design

Negeso designs your website so that it fits your style and identity. Each web design is 100% handmade. We can also design your company style with our Corporate Identity Module.

Browser compatibility

Your website is compatible with all popular browsers, both on the visitor and management side. Negeso W/CMS websites meet the standards of the Internet. Our optional Browser Compatibility Insurance will insure you against future changes/updates in browsers.

Easy to find

Your Negeso website meets all technical requirements of Google Search, so that your website may be indexed properly by search engines. Our SEO tool allows you to improve the contents of your website, which will place your website higher in Google.

Multiple languages or region/language combinations

Negeso websites are multilingual and support all major worldwide alphabets. It is also possible to define multiple region/language environments in the Enterprise Edition, enabling you to target those markets specifically.

Fast response

Because of its technical and geographical redundancy, the Negeso hosting platform ensures maximum speed and reliability. Your pages load quickly in the browser of your visitors.


Negeso creates tablet-friendly websites (for example, they do not need Flash (iPad)), enabling your visitors to easily visit your website using their fingers.

Dynamic content

Negeso W/CMS offers several modules for your website to display automatically varying content.

Mobile browsing and mobile apps

Our mobile extension allows you to route mobile visitors to mobile pages. Negeso creates page templates that take into account the possibilities and limitations of smartphones. Negeso also develops custom apps for Android and iPhone, labeled with your company name, e.g. for mobile shopping .

Behavioral targeting

With this addition of Negeso your website will automatically learn the interests of your visitors, and will show content targeted to each individual returning visitor.

Routing visitors

You can route your global visitors to the appropriate page in the desired language on your website. This "Traffic Shaping" is fully configurable, based on all relevant criteria such as physical location, preferred browser languages and domain names.



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" Negeso created our multi-language online store, connected to our world-wide payment gateway, and integrated our ERP/SAP. "
"Beautiful webdesign!"
" Negeso created a beautiful webdesign for our new website. Harmonic layout, nice typography, sweet graphics! They knew how to visualize the 'soul' of our organization. "


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