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The Negeso SiteMentrix Template Edition is the small business/consumer version of Negeso W/CMS 3.0. The Negeso SiteMentrix Template Edition is single language, has standard modules only, no optional modules and a basic version of the online editor.



Build a website cheaply + domain, ad-free and online in just 15 minutes

Your website online in 15 minutes!

Make your own website for $25 per year, including domain registration. Unlimited number of web pages, online help videos plus many features, like Twitter widget, photobook, forms, etc. Affordable e-mail option with unlimited mailboxes. Online Website Builder, domain registration, hosting and support are included.

How to create a webshop with PayPal cart for just %25_EURO_RTE%/year!

Online store with PayPal/Skrill cart

Sell products and services online for $32.50 per year with the SiteMentrix Webshop Module. Unlimited number of products and orders. Your customers pay with credit card or online banking directly to your PayPal or Skrill account. No transaction fee to SiteMentrix. Create an online store with SiteMentrix CMS.

Custom webdesign and turnkey websites with SiteMentrix CMS

Banner, Web design, Turnkey Website

Options for your SiteMentrix website:

Custom-made banner $95.00.

Custom-made web design $319.00.

Turnkey website $639.00: ready-to-go, turnkey online, including web design, banner, content pages, SEO, etc.

Quickly create a beautiful website

Choose from 100.000 design options

There are many Quick-Start website templates to choose from to create a website. Customize your web design with over 100,000 style combinations. Choose a stock banner or upload your own banner and logo. You can restyle your website in the SiteMentrix Website Builder as often as you wish for free.

Increase ranking in Google

Easy to find in Google

Your SiteMentrix website will be easy to find in search engines, such as Google and Bing. Your ranking will increase and your site will appear high in the search results. With Google Analytics you will be able to see "live" who visits your site. And on top of that you will receive a trial subscription to our SEO tool.

Your SiteMentrix website is optimized for tablets and smartphones

Tablet and Smartphone Ready

All SiteMentrix websites are fully compatible with tablets and smartphones. This is a standard feature. Visitors can see your website with an Apple, Android or Windows tablet or smartphone. Make your own website with SiteMentrix Website Builder! Creating a website for your mobile device is easy!

Buy a SiteMentrix gift voucher online

SiteMentrix gift voucher

A SiteMentrix website and domain gift voucher is the ideal gift for a special occasion. Buy a gift voucher for just €19. Create a website with domain registration without payment. A perfect gift for a wedding or a new born. Choose a special template for a special occasion. How to create a website? Use the SiteMentrix Website Builder!

SiteMentrix Help

Unlimited help

The extensive help pages are available to you 24/7 online in the globe menu. Unlimited e-mail support is also part of your SiteMentrix contract. No matter how many questions you have, you will always receive a friendly and helpful e-mail response. We speak Dutch, English, French, German, Russian and Spanish.

Money back guarantee

10.000 times sold. Money back guarantee

Over 10.000 satisfied customers have bought a SiteMentrix website or webshop. If you are not completely satisfied with your purchase, you can ask, within 10 days, for a refund, and you will receive a full refund (excl. domain name).



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