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How to create an
Online shop
with E-commerce software

Creating your own online shop with Negeso W/CMS E-commerce software is a great solution if you want to sell products from your website, enabling your customers to pay with almost any worldwide payment system, such as PayPal, credit card or direct banking. So what do you actually need to create an E-commerce website?

Negeso uses the most innovative E-commerce software CMS to develop your web design and to build your online shop for a fixed price!

Buy domain

Buy a domain name registration that fits your brand

You need a suitable domain name for your online shop. You can register a domain name yourself, although you don't need to, because a domain name registration is included in your Negeso W/CMS website.

How Negeso makes your web design

Make an E-commerce web design that looks good and that is practical

Your online shop needs to look good. Making a good E-commerce web design requires skills and experience. Included in every Negeso W/CMS webshop is a custom web design. Our web designers will make a web design that will match your business’ identity and suit the taste of your customers. Besides looking good, an E-commerce web design must also be practical. Your customers must be able to easily find, buy and pay for the products they are looking for. Most importantly, this means a good page layout, easy-to-read product information, good product images (small and large), and easy-to-follow navigation.

The Negeso W/CMS editions

Create your online shop: choosing the right E-commerce software solution that covers all your requirements

Negeso W/CMS is a complete E-commerce software solution to create an E-commerce website that integrates with your website. Your E-ommerce website will be custom developed. This implies that all your product’s properties are available in your webshop for searching, presentation and buying. The Negeso Content Management System makes it easy to edit the contents of your website and to manage products, customers and orders. Choose from 90 modules to add features, e.g. the Login Module and the Profile Module. There is no need for you to setup software, Negeso will do the work and will create your own online shop for you.

The Negeso W/CMS Shopping Cart and Payment Module

Connect to a payment solution, allowing your customers to pay worldwide

Negeso will connect your online shop to the online payment providers of your choice. Virtually all worldwide payment solutions are supported, including PayPal, iDEAL, Skrill/Moneybookers, credit cards (MasterCard, Visa,…), direct banking, and many more, as well as any payment provider of your choice.

The Negeso W/CMS Product Catalog Module

Add products to your catalogue

Add products you wish to sell. You can also sell services, subscriptions or content. Using the management module of the CMS, you can add products and pricing through a web browser one by one, or you can upload in bulk from an Excel or text file. Here you can also setup the tax, payment and shipping options.

Go Global solution

Present yourself

Your customers should feel that they can trust your online shop. A big confidence builder is to provide any information a customer can possibly need. As a minimum, you should provide your postal and physical address, how to contact you by phone, e-mail or chat, terms and conditions of sale, and your refund policy. Customers should feel confident that they are dealing with real people behind the webshop. Using the editor, standard functions and modules of the Negeso CMS, adding information about yourself is straightforward from your web browser.

Online marketing

Promote your website, products and offers

You can promote your online shop on social media platforms, by using the News Pull Module. Automatically push messages about your offers (with a backlink) to Twitter, Facebook and more, without ever having to log in there. Make it possible for customers to post online reviews. Google Review is supported. Rank higher in Google by optimising your pages and creating backlinks. Use the Negeso-SEO Tool to monitor the position of your web pages in the Search Engine Result Pages (SERP). The Negeso Backlink Services will create backlinks to your website.

Integrate your website with CRM, SAP

Integrate with your back office

Keep your products up-to-date by automatically updating the product catalogue of your webshop from your back office system. Link your online shop to your inventory system, so that customers can see in real-time how much stock you have available. Integrate your E-commerce website with your order processing system, improving delivery speed and reducing errors and manual labour. We have created interfaces with ERP, SAP, Exact, Davilex, Microsoft Dynamics CRM in addition to custom developed Line of Business systems.

Adaptive CMS

Branded mobile shopping app

Negeso can develop a mobile shopping app for you. With this app your customers can browse and buy from you using a smartphone or tablet. The app will be branded with your name. Supported devices include Apple’s iPhone and iPad, Google's Android and Windows Phone and 8.

Choose Negeso because…

… more than 500 customers rely on our proven expertise. Negeso has created an E-commerce website for dozens of clients. Please see our references.


Average rating5 / 5 based on 250 reviews.
"Concrete help!"
"Our webshop looks great!"
" Negeso has built our webshop and has created a web design for it. Stylish and completely in line with our company profile!"
"Our clients now pay directly online!"
" Using Negeso's payment module, our customers can now, simply and quickly, pay online. And above all, securily, and that's what counts for us!"
"Saving work!"
" Negeso has connected our webshop to our ERP systeem. We now have a single point of data maintenance, saving our staff a tremendous amount of work!"

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