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Negeso W/CMS, a brief introduction

Below you can read more about the history of Negeso W/CMS. Our website tells you more about our products and services, editions, modules, changelog, Google integration, social media marketing and webdesign, and about how to build a website and how to buy a website.



Negeso makes your webdesign and builds your website with the most innovative CMS for a fixed price!

History of Negeso website built with CMS

For over 15 years we have been developing the Negeso Website/CMS (content management system). We have offices in 4 countries with a staff of over 35 employees developing the system and supporting our customers. Over 500 customers use our CMS. In this Negeso Website/CMS menu item and its subpages, we would like to show you which new features version 3.0 offers, which modules have been developed, how the system can be applied and which custom solutions we have delivered.

The Negeso Content Management System is a standard in-house developed system, with which you can easily update the content of your website.

It is possible to expand the standard features of the CMS with various standard modules, also afterwards, when your website has been delivered and is up-and-running. All these modules have in common that they are easy to use, sharing the same administrator interface. As the system developed in-house, customer specific modifications or customization in the form of specialized modules is possible.

By combining modules you can create an optimal mix of functionality you want your website to offer. In the submenu, we have some examples of applications, such as the custom-made webshop. From the module list you choose the modules that you need to make your website complete. All modules can be combined.


". . . Excellent service!"
Overall rating 5 / 5 based on 250 reviews.
"Innovative CMS and excellent service!"
" Negeso created our multi-language website. Online CMS, very easy to use. The automated Site Translation Module is a smart time saver. "
"Selling my products world-wide!"
" Negeso created our multi-language online store, connected to our world-wide payment gateway, and integrated our ERP/SAP. "
"Beautiful webdesign!"
" Negeso created a beautiful webdesign for our new website. Harmonic layout, nice typography, sweet graphics! They knew how to visualize the 'soul' of our organization. "


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