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Negeso W/CMS Standard Features

The Negeso websites already have a lot of different functions:

Content Management

  • Extensive WYSIWYG content editor. No HTML knowledge required. HTML is editable, if desired.
  • Cut, copy and paste content. Paste from Microsoft Word is available.
  • Consistent look through predefined styling (CSS) and page templates.
  • Multiple page templates available.
  • Full change history is kept of content (audit trail). You can see who changed what and when. Restoring to an earlier version is possible.
  • Unlimited number of pages, no limitations
  • Homepage freely selectable.
  • Pages separated from the website menu is possible (the so-called landing pages).
  • Pop-up pages possible.
  • Show and hide pages in time. For example, you can create a page on Friday, having it automatically become publicly visible the following Monday.
  • All functions are easy accessable on the taskbar and visual anchors on the webpage.
  • Insert links within the site through point-and-click pop-up. This prevents dead links.
  • Embedding external content (in iframe) is possible. For example, embed a YouTube movie.
  • Use a configurable favicon.
  • The "page not found" page is editable.
  • User-defined Global Placeholders: create centrally managed "placeholders" which you can place in any content page or article. Ensure consistent spelling of your company name or prevent pricing mistakes by using a product price placeholder on multiple pages.
  • Full control over the layout with CSS style editor.
  • Select a color pop-up with color chart, RGB codes, safe colors and named colors.
  • QR code generator


  • Consistent looks through predefined styling.
  • Menu is editable.
  • Menu items can be added, changed, deleted.
  • Show and hide menu items.
  • Menu items that link to external site are possible.

Manage images and documents with Media Catalogue

  • All content files, such as pictures, movies, flash and documents, are stored in your central library, the Media Catalogue.
  • Easily insert content into pages using a point-and-click pop-up. You do not have to guess.
  • Organize content files into folders.
  • Unlimited number and depth of the folders.
  • Uploading multiple files at once is possible.


  • Unlimited web forms.
  • "Share" with social media.

SEO and Google

  • Google Web Master Tools verification code is standard. Your code is configurable.
  • Google Analytics page tracking is standard. Your code is configurable.
  • XML Sitemap automatically generated.
  • "Content-language" meta tag automatically based on current language setting.
  • Meta tag "keywords" per page.
  • Meta tag "description" for each page.
  • Title tag is automatically generated based on page title that you can set.
  • Google and search engine friendly URLs: no '?' parameters, technology agnostic links are automatically recognized (eg, link without ".html").
  • Unlimited number of URL aliases that are fully manageable. For example a short URL can be used in a marketing campaign.
  • Alt tag for image.
  • SEO-friendly menu (using ul and li tags).
  • Predefined head (heading) style using the h1-h6 tags.
  • Correct handling of multiple domains and hostnames with 301 redirect.
  • Multiple domain names pointing to the same website. Fully configurable.
  • Rich Snippets (microdata). Add detailed information (product reviews, people, products, companies and organizations, recipes, events, music,...) to elements on the page and Google will show it in the search results.

Compatibility (Supported)

Multiple languages

  • Standard provision for multiple language environments.
  • Automatic recognition of the language of the browser.
  • All components, such as pages and menu items, are multilingual.
  • When changing the language, the visitor stays on the same page but in the desired language.
  • All required letters are possible (Russian, Chinese, European,... using UTF-8).


  • Multiple administrators
  • Each manager has his/her own login.

Standard modules:

  • Site Settings
  • Search
  • Page Properties
  • Forms
  • Site Translation Module (from multi-language editions)
  • Media Catalogue
  • Special Pages
  • Sitemap
  • Twitter and Facebook connectors
  • Localization
  • Menu structure
  • Security
  • Animated Picture Frame

The following features are also standard

  • Search the site
  • Support Desk
  • Access to Customer Portal: buying additional products (such as domain name).
  • Hosting in fault tolerant clustered data center.
  • Includes back-up and restore.
  • Software upgrades.
  • Special offers for regular customers

Optional features

  • Training (although nearly all of our clients do not consider this necessary).
  • Expandable with additional modules.
  • Custom-developed functionality. Basically, we can build anything you desire.
  • Interfacing with other systems. Think of ERP (SAP), CRM (Dynamcs) or your custom Line of Business applications.


". . . Excellent service!"
Overall rating 5 / 5 based on 250 reviews.
"Innovative CMS and excellent service!"
" Negeso created our multi-language website. Online CMS, very easy to use. The automated Site Translation Module is a smart time saver. "
"Selling my products world-wide!"
" Negeso created our multi-language online store, connected to our world-wide payment gateway, and integrated our ERP/SAP. "
"Beautiful webdesign!"
" Negeso created a beautiful webdesign for our new website. Harmonic layout, nice typography, sweet graphics! They knew how to visualize the 'soul' of our organization. "

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