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How we deliver services to you

The global hosting platform of Negeso ensures maximum speed and reliability due to its geographical spread, virtualisation and redundancy. All systems are automatically monitored so that emerging problems are solved immediately, 24/7.


The Customer Portal provides insight into all services purchased. You can also buy upgrades and other services and pay them online or by invoice. Registration of domain names is possible at competitive prices. The renewal of domain names does not cost more than to register them initially. After being with Negeso for two years, we are the cheapest domain name registrar! Negeso offers comprehensive e-mail services at low cost using standard unlimited e-mail addresses.


In Negeso there are no artificial limits. You will not be restricted in the use of the CMS. For example, an unlimited number of pages can be published. In normal use you will never call against data traffic limits. Customers benefit from combination tax and multi-year discounts.


Negeso makes your webdesign and builds your website with the most innovative CMS for a fixed price. Get an online quote now!



Welcome to our hosting page. Here you can read more about domain hosting, e-mail hosting and the Negeso Internet Network.


The Negeso Internet Network 

The Negeso Internet Network is a fully virtualized server park that operates in a clustered environment. The servers are separated by task modeling (front end, back end data storage, database, routing, monitoring, etc.) and the tasks are continuously monitored. If one server is burdened with many tasks, then this will be balanced out with our load balancing servers. Your site will always be readily available, no matter how big the load is. We make off site back-ups: daily, weekly, monthly, half-yearly and yearly. Our network is designed using redundancy: if any hardware problems occur, another server will take over its tasks.

Our servers are located in Los Angeles (California, USA), Rockford (Illinois, USA), Singapore City and Alphen aan den Rijn (the Netherlands). We advise you to choose a server closest to your market so that the access times are the shortest. If you have a site that covers several continents, then we advise you to use these Redirect rules to redirect traffic from your site to a server in the region. For example, in the DNS you could redirect usa.negeso-cms.com to a U.S. server IP address.
We have a central Customer Portal where all our products are delivered. This includes: domains, Negeso W/CMS websites, SiteMentrix websites, SEO statistics, Linux hosting, support tickets, invoices and account information. After creating your account, you will have access to the delivery portal. The type of products that you will have access to, depends on the level of account that you have. This is the same for prepaid and postpaid services.


". . . Excellent service!"
Overall rating 5 / 5 based on 250 reviews.
"Innovative CMS and excellent service!"
" Negeso created our multi-language website. Online CMS, very easy to use. The automated Site Translation Module is a smart time saver. "
"Selling my products world-wide!"
" Negeso created our multi-language online store, connected to our world-wide payment gateway, and integrated our ERP/SAP. "
"Beautiful webdesign!"
" Negeso created a beautiful webdesign for our new website. Harmonic layout, nice typography, sweet graphics! They knew how to visualize the 'soul' of our organization. "


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