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How to get your website on the first page in Google and stay there with Negeso CMS, SEO and Backlink services

How to get your website on the first page in Google and stay there with Negeso CMS and SEO and Backlink services

In order to get on the first page in Google and stay there, you will need: a CMS that implements the technical requirements of Google, optimized content and backlinks.

With Negeso W/CMS and the Negeso SEO and Backlink services, Negeso will ensure that your website not only gets on the first page in Google, but also stays there.


How does Google work?

When you search in Google or another search engine, like Bing, you will get a result within a few seconds. This is made possible because Google continuously reads billions of webpages and updates an index. It is a very sophisticated system; the software automatically evaluates hundreds of criteria to rank pages (similar to a score keeping method), with the aim of providing the searching person "the most relevant answers". How this mechanism exactly works, has not been published. For almost every keyword there exist thousands, millions, or even billions of webpages that Google can choose from, but obviously Google can only display just ten pages on the first results page, and stops after thousand pages. Note that a distinction needs to be made between paid search results (AdWords) and the free organic search, what this page is about. Also note that there is actually not just a single index; Google maintains many country sites, for example www.google.nl, that give preference to websites that are "nearby" with respect to location (Netherlands IP), domain (.NL) and language (Dutch).

How to get my website on the first page in Google?

To get your webpages on the first page in Google with the keywords that are relevant to your business, you will need the following:

A Content Management System (CMS) that implements the technical requirements of Google. Webpages that match Google's technical requirements get a higher score, and thus stand a greater chance of getting higher in the index. For example, if a webpage contains the language meta tag, stating the language in which the page has been written, it enables Google to place the page in the correct country index. Negeso W/CMS implements all these technical requirements.

Seniority: This is deduced from the age of the domain name. The reasoning behind this is that if a website has been existing for a long time, it must fulfill some need. Hence, for a young domain name (less than one year old), it is practically impossible to get on the first page. This explains the trade in second hand domain names.

Relevant content: The text on the webpage. How Google exactly evaluates this, has not been published. What is known, is that Google prefers a text that is "natural", not too short, yet not too long, a text about one topic, that is "informative" to the reader. "How to…" webpages seem to be preferred over pages having just a commercial offer ("Buy now… for $…!").

The correct meta information in the webpage: like language, title, description, keywords and author. These criteria can be understood from the following reasoning: if a writer of a webpage fills out all the meta information concisely, you can infer that the odds are bigger that it is relevant content, because filling out takes time and effort. In reverse: bad content often has no or poor meta information.

Optimized content: Words on which people are searching must occur on the webpage and in the meta information. Google takes into account keywords that are similar or related. For example, the keywords "make a website" and "build a website". When searching, though, Google seems to prefer pages having an exact match. When evaluating a webpage, Google applies (to what is known) criteria such as: how often does the keyword occur on the page, on which position, in headings, bold face, and etcetera. Also, pages having "unnatural" content, like repeating keywords in large numbers (keyword spamming), are ranked low or not indexed at all.

Backlinks: A backlink is a link from some external website to your webpage. Google looks at the number of backlinks, the quality of the backlinks, and the rate of growth (or decline) over time.

Watch out with manipulation

Applying naive techniques for manipulating content, to entice Google to put the page higher in the index, are counter productive. An example of manipulation is creating a million backlinks to your homepage on a single day. Any imaginable trick is already known; the advanced analysis systems will recognize manipulation right away.

How hard is it to get on the first page in Google?

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the work that people do to entice Google to put their page(s) higher up in the index. The amount of work required is, besides the content and backlinks, also dependent on the competition: the number of pages and how much effort the competition puts into it. For example, a search in www.google.com on "How to create a website" yields more than 2,000,000,000 (!) pages. It is obvious that companies that have managed to get their commercial offers on the first page in Google, have made, and are continuously making, enormous efforts.

How can Negeso help you to get your website on the first page in Google?

Most SEO consultants work on the basis of time and materials. Negeso will help you to get your website on the first page in Google with service packages for a fixed price. Negeso offers SEO services with a predefined result and for a fixed price. This enables you to spend your available budget in an optimal way. Negeso offers following prepay SEO services:

  • Negeso-SEO: with this online tool, you can monitor the position of your webpages in Google's search results over time.
  • Keyword selection: discover which keywords are most suitable to your business: keywords having the most traffic or niche keywords.
  • A link from your website to your G+ profile.
  • A link from your website to your Twitter profile.
  • A link from your website to your LinkedIn profile.
  • A link from your website to your YouTube profile.
  • On page SEO: a detailed report that performs a benchmark comparison of your webpage with your top 10 competitors for your keyword. The report will give you concrete advice on how to optimize the content of your page.
  • Directory submission: publish your website in 70,000 internet directories worldwide.
  • Twitter link building: posting tweets on tens of thousands of Twitter profiles with a backlink to your webpage.
  • LinkedIn link building: posting messages on tens of thousands of LinkedIn profiles with a backlink to your webpage.
  • YouTube link building: posting videos with a backlink to your webpage.
  • Pyramid link building: posting articles in article directory websites, containing backlinks to your webpages, and then creating multiple layers of posts containing backlinks in social media websites, wikis, forums, etcetera.
  • Wheel link building: this is basically the same, with the difference that the link works like a wheel: the last page links to the first page.
  • Social media and web 2.0 link building: posting short messages on tens of thousands of social media websites, each post containing a backlink to your website. Because the tempo of link building is an important factor, links will be created in a sustained pace over time.


Visit our Customer Portal at http://portal.negeso.com/ and create an account. On the portal you can buy prepay SEO service packages. Our SEO specialists will do the work for you. On the Customer Portal you can give your input and monitor progress. You will receive detailed data on the results. This enables you to manage the process, for example, to execute a follow up campaign after three months.


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"SEO simplified!"

The people of Negeso did the difficult task of SEO. Skills and experience are required to get higher in Google!

"Great advice"

After consulting Negeso, we selected two keywords. Soon we were seeing results and after three months we were on page 1 with both keywords! It would not have been possible to achieve those results on our own!

"On page 1 and stay there"

We have a maintenance subscription to Negeso SEO services. They managed to get our website on page 1 (quite an accomplishment on its own) and have kept us there. Great result!

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