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Negeso takes care of the entire pre-sales process, we design and create an inviting and commercial website and make sure to find it high in the search results from Google, send newsletters and run targeted ad campaigns to generate more traffic. We create a directory of your website visitors and potential customers call them to make an appointment for a visit by your representatives. So we ensure that your account managers are always on their way to their next sales call!

Would you like to visit more new business appointments?


More new business from website visits arranged Leads

Your website visitors are valuable leads to recruit new customers. She finally visited your website for a reason: they are looking for your solution to their problem! But not all visitors will call its own. To offer them anyway personalized advice about your products or services as a solution, we collect the leads on your website and call these people and then after making the appointment for your account. Speed ​​is essential fact: the sooner you come in contact with a lead, the greater the chance of commercial success! Our structured approach leads to results: a full agenda for your sales!!

Website design and creation

Negeso designs and makes for a commercial website with an attractive design, mobile-friendly course with a responsive web design so your visitors can view your website well everywhere, and a comprehensive yet easy to use content management system.

Inviting texts

Our copywriters write relevant and grammatically correct text for your website to inform your visitors about your products or services and to interest them in your solutions. What pages and topics read your visitors also provides valuable information to enrich your mailing list so you know which solution they are seeking.

Content & Design Up-to-date Service

The content and design up-to-date service your website is always up to date for both new and existing customers and the search engines. Web sites that are updated frequently also rank higher in Google search results. So you have a double advantage in that department.

Promote website - Your high wensite find in Google's search results

Negeso will ensure that more visitors can find your website by getting your website on the first page in Google. We also provide an attractive description of your website in the search results so that more visitors to click through to your website.

More visitors - Advertising

Negeso performs targeted Google AdWords ad campaigns to get more visitors to your website. You can use text, but also advertise with images. It is also possible to target people who have visited your website with targeted remarketing campaigns.

Traffic Generation - Newsletters

We write and send email newsletters to attract more website traffic.

Address Database with data enrichment - at the table with the right person

We build your database on the visitors to your website and enhance your database by collecting information from different data sources. This gives you a clear picture of who is visiting your website, whose descision makers are and what exactly they want from your business. These are leads that we are going to call. So we make sure you sit at the table with the right person: the one with a problem (You are going to solve!) and decision-making. Your account no longer waste time and energy on discussions with the wrong person. The enriched data is used exclusively for you and also your property.


Together with you, we set up a telephone script to pitch your product or service well. Our eloquent and experienced telemarketers calling your prospects with your pitch and make arrangements so that your account can carry out the visit as soon as possible. Of course, the script is not dry but go read our telemarketers contacting the potential customer actually on. Your account received the agreements pre-set in the calendar..

Call instances

It is possible to Negeso make your existing customers call, in order to increase your repeat sales. Negeso has a current directory of 1 million companies in the Netherlands. It is also possible to call selections from our mailing list to let them know your product or service.

Appointments hand-made in the agenda

Your account received the agreements made ready-to-eat in their agenda, including the company's data and contact plus useful background. That way they can prepare as well as possible in the conversation.


You pay by the hour for our services. There is also a fixed price per appointment. You will receive all enriched data and this becomes your exclusive property.

Your Account managers On-the-road

Would you like to know the visitors to your website better and agenda of your account filled with new business visits arranged? Let Negeso convert your website visits to new business visits arranged so that your sales colleagues have a full agenda and to effectively and efficiently spend their time. Theirs will be more time for the activity in which they make a difference at the table with a potential or existing customer to close the next deal!



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