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Online Marketing: Web, social media and search engine marketing with Negeso W/CMS

Online Marketing: web, social media and search engine marketing with Negeso W/CMS

In the vision of Negeso, the message you want to send to your customers and relations is published on your website, and is delivered to your target audiences using both push and pull communication channels. Negeso W/CMS will be the central communications console. For marketing, the consistency and intensity of the message that you wish to convey is very important, which is why the tools have been made easily accessible. It is far easier to write a message or article once and then tick the desired communication channels than to have to log in to multiple websites to post it.


Negeso makes your web design and builds your website with the most innovative CMS for a fixed price.

Message Push Module

In more limited content management systems, this module is also often called a "newsletter module". The Message Push Module allows visitors to subscribe and unsubscribe on your website in any language. They can also specify which device they want and the interests they have. You can also manually enter or import e-mail addresses. You will be able to write both short and long messages in the Message Push Module, and you can also add images. You can specify a publication date and time, when you want the message to be automatically personalized by the CMS. This will then link back to your website and deliver the message. Supported devices are e-mail, SMS, fax and Live Messenger (MSN). The Message Push Module can be used in multiple languages with the use of language-specific subscriber lists.

Negeso Website/CMS multi-channel push to email  Publish yuor Negeso Website/CMS news to SMS  Negeso Website/CMS multi-channel push to fax  Negeso Website/CMS multi-channel push to Windows MSN Live Messenger

News Pull Module

You simply write a long and short message in the News Pull Module. Then you select the desired channels and the CMS will automatically forward the short text with a link back to the long text on your website. Supported channels include your website, Twitter, Facebook, RSS, MySpace and LinkedIn.

Negeso Website/CMS multi-channel push to YouTube  You can use the editor of the CMS to insert a Youtube movie. This is a standard feature in all editions of the CMS Negeso.

  The QR-code generator is standard in all editions of Negeso W/CMS. The QR code is automatically generated by the CMS, and can be found in the Page Properties Module.


The News Pull Module can be used with different languages per channel. For example, you will be able to use a Dutch and an English Twitter channel. The Negeso News App, which can be downloaded for free in the Google Play Store, will allow you to use your smartphone or tablet to publish news articles.

  Negeso Website/CMS multi-channel push to Twitter  Negeso Website/CMS multi-channel push to Facebook  Negeso Website/CMS multi-channel push to RSS feeds  Negeso Website/CMS multi-channel push to MySpace  Negeso Website/CMS multi-channel push to LinkedIn

Behavioral Targeting

The Behavioral Targeting expansion of the Dynamic Content Matrix Module will automatically learn the behavior of every returning visitor. The module learns what subjects interest him or her the most, and it will automatically display a matrix of specific content related to his or her interests.

The Dynamic Content Matrix Module can make your website more attractive and increase the visiting duration by automatically displaying changing content, just like the TV channel matrix. The Dynamic Content Matrix will be displayed on a web page. The array consists of cells, for example 2 by 2. Each cell shows a specific content. There are various methods to automatically change the contents of a cell, for example a slideshow. It is also possible for a cell to automatically display content related to another cell. You will be able to, for example, display a product logo in one cell and display the associated text in the cell next to it.



Additional and/or policy making tools

Search Engine Friendly aliases

To further enhance your reach, you can use URL aliases. You can also use URL aliases for URL stability, for example: www.domain.tld/specialoffers.

Multiple domain names link to a website

You can link an unlimited number of domains to your website. For example, a domain name per market or product. By defining redirection rules, you route each domain name to the desired page.

Follow Me ...

You can use the rich text editor of the CMS to place "Follow Me" social media icon links on your website. This functionality is generic, so you can use any current and future social media channel.

Share with ...

You can use the rich text editor of the CMS to place "Share with" social media icon links on your website. This functionality is generic, so you can use any current and future social media channel.

Google Analytics and Google Event Trackers

Google Analytics and Google Event Trackers are standard in each edition. Use these trackers to measure conversion goals.

Rich snippets (microdata)

Add detailed information, such as product reviews, people, products, companies and organizations, recipes, events and music, to elements on the page, which will show up in the Google Search results, making your website stand out.


Other Modules

The following modules can support you in your marketing efforts as well:

Dealer Locator Module Your visitors can find your locations or points of sale, based on country, region or place.
Survey Module You can create and execute customer and/or market research surveys.
Event Calendar Module Events are presented clearly. Visitors are able to register.
FAQ Module Manage frequently asked question and answer sections.
Guestbook Module Your visitors can leave a public message on your website. Moderation is possible.
General Comment Module

Visitors can post a comment on any text on your website (a web page, a news article or a product). Moderation is possible.

Be found / SERP Monitor your Google page rank with Negeso-SEO.com Search Engine Result Pages SERP tool. Using the online advice, you can improve your website's content and therefore rank higher in Google.
Google Integration The Negeso CMS integrates with many Google services.
Mobile Website Design Module The design of your website is made compatible with smartphones and tablets.
Online Product Catalog Your products are presented in clear categories. Standard in the Webshop Custom Made Edition.
Reference Module Your references are presented uniformly and clearly on your website.
Tell-a-friend Module Your visitors can tell their friends or relations about your website, by e-mail, with a backlink to your website. This is a standard option in Negeso W/CMS 3.0.
Dictionary Module Manage your own online dictionary.


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" Negeso has helped us setting up the social media connectors of the News Pull module. With a single mouse click we now push news to our website, Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook, without ever having to log in there! Great! "

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