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New in Negeso Website/CMS 3.0: Site Translation Module, Google Optimization, Social Network Integration and much more

In the past year we have spent a significant amount of time developing Negeso Website/CMS. In cooperation with a specialized search engine optimization (SEO) agency, we have made considerable improvements to Negeso Website/CMS, which has made it possible for us to increase the pagerank of websites that are built with Negeso Website/CMS. Also we did not forget the social media. Negeso Website/CMS 3.0 now connects to sms, e-mail, Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn. The Site Translation Module allows you to translate an entire website (or parts of a website if you wish) with just one click. Links are converted and the formatting is retained.


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Latest features of Negeso W/CMS 3.0

Website Translation Module

You can create your website and translate it to any language you wish with just one single click! With this module you will also be able to translate single pages, so that manually corrected pages remain unaffected. You can also translate a specific page into multiple languages.



You can separate the responsibilities between editing and publishing pages. A content publisher may create a web page and assign a content editor. The content editor will then be able to make changes to the page. When finished, the editor submits the page to the content publisher. The content publisher publishes the page or sends it back to the editor.


Global placeholders

Global placeholders (variables) guarantee consistent spelling of brand names. All you have to do is set it once. Then you can insert the global placeholder in articles and content pages using the rich text Editor. The CMS will ensure that the value of the global placeholder is shown in the browser. Another application is the price of a particular product or service that will be shown on multiple pages. By using a global placeholder you avoid mistakes, and when the price changes, you only have to adjust the value of the global placeholder.


Flexible Provisioning Module

The FMP allows you to temporarily use modules that are not in your standard Negeso W/CMS package. Another advantage of this module is that new features can easily be added later on with a single click of your mouse!


Site history / overview of productivity

This feature allows you to see who has made changes to your website, and when they did it. An overview of all the changes can be exported to a CSV file.


Deeplink with URL shortcut / QR Codes

This feature allows you to create links that are easy to remember for visitors, and that are also search engine-friendly. This will improve your print-to-online conversion. An additional benefit of doing this is that your site will gain a higher pagerank! By using QR codes you will be able to guide smartphone users from print to your website.


Google integration & Rank Booster Program

Negeso Web/CMS meets the technical requirements for Google Search, so that your website is visible and can be indexed by Google and other search engines. The Negeso CMS automatically generates an up-to-date Google XML Sitemap. You can specify which pages should be included in this XML sitemap and you can adjust the relative priority hint. Negeso W/CMS integrates with Google Analytics, Google Webmaster Tools, Google Event Tracker, Google AdWords, Google E-Commerce Trackers and many more. By participating in the Negeso Rank Booster Program, you can improve your pagerank.


Rich Snippets (microdata)

Add detailed information (product reviews, people, products, companies and organizations, recipes, events, music,...) to elements on the page and Google will show it in it's search results.


Social Media Integration

You can publish news on your website very easily. You can also publish it simultaneously on multiple social media channels like Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook. You do not need to log in on these social media sites. You can easily insert 'share with' or 'follow me' icons on the website. Inserting YouTube videos or other iframe content such as Google Maps is also very simple to do. The free Negeso News App for Android enables you to post news on your website from your smartphone or tablet.


Behavioral Targeting with the Dynamic Content Matrix

Display automatically changing content, like the TV channel matrix. You can also have cells displayed one after another. This allows you to display a product logo in one cell and the accompanying text in the cell next to it. Behavioral targeting allows your website to automatically learn which topics each returning visitor is interested in and automatically display content tailored specifically to that person's interests.


Meta tag inheritance for each language environment
You can set default standards for each different language for the meta tags "keywords" and "description". A correct interpretation of "keywords" is important for search engine optimization. The "description" is used when presenting the results in e.g. Google and Bing. These default settings are specific for each language environment as the "keywords" and "description" are language specific. You can of course override in a specific page.


Dead Link Checker

The Dead (or Broken) Link Checker checks in all the pages of your website whether the targets of the links still exist. The checker monitors internal and external links and also controls the intralingual links. For example: a link from the Dutch language environment to the English language environment may indeed exist, yet still be incorrect.


Text retrieval / undo function

If something has changed on your website that you are not happy with, you can quickly and easily change your website back to its previous state with this feature.


Redirect rules

These fully configurable rules allow you to redirect visitors, based on domain name, hostname, browser language, geographic region, IP routing and URL patterns, to the desired page and language environment within your website or in an external website.


Browser compatibility update insurance

Your new website will be fully compatible with all current popular browsers. However, updates are constantly released for browsers throughout the year. These updates may cause your site to no longer appear as it used to before. To ensure that new versions of browsers still display your site as intended, Negeso offers its customers for a fixed price per month an insurance for new versions of browsers. Any necessary adjustment is then made free of charge.



New in Negeso Website/CMS 3.0: Google Optimization, Social Network Integration and much more


  • Improved editor

  • New toolbar for navigation to other modules and settings
  • Dead Link Checker: check your site for broken links
  • Fully integrated with Negeso-SEO. Improve your search engine ranking
  • Back end and front end compatible with: Negeso W/CMS 3.0 is compatible with Google Chrome Negeso W/CMS 3.0 is compatible with Mozilla FireFox Negeso W/CMS 3.0 is compatible with Microsoft Internet Explorer Negeso W/CMS 3.0 is compatible with Apple Safari
    • Google Chrome
    • Microsoft Internet Explorer 9 native mode and 10 native mode
    • Support Firefox
    • Support for Safari (Apple (i)Mac(book) and iPhone)
    • w3.org xhtml 1.0 compliant
  • Image preview
  • Page revision list, which lets you see who adapted which pages. You can also see who are active editors.
  • URL Aliases: create an alias (Google-friendly links) to a (deep linked) page (eg http://yourdomain/weekoffer).
  • Improvements specific for Google:
    • Google-friendly URLs
    • Google Analytics Tracking Page is now the latest and asynchronous version (_gaq): you can configure the Google Analytics code in the Site Settings.
    • Latest version of Google Webmaster Tools: you can set the site verification code in the Site Settings.
    • Enter "keywords" meta tag for all pages. Copy all pages function.
    • Default meta tag "keywords" and "description" for each language environment: use "keywords"/"description" of the language environment for homepages which have a blank meta tag "keywords" and/or "description".
    • Central location for setting alt property of images
    • Automatically generated XML Sitemap (sitemap.xml) for Google and other search engines.
    • Sitemap for Google Mobile
    • Search Engine Optimization for XML sitemap: set page priority and frequency.
    • "No follow" attribute on links
    • Google AdWords conversion tracking forms.
    • Overview of spider data: when is my site indexed?
    • Easy to create and customize landing pages URLs.
    • Set Event Tracking on a Google link.
    • Track e-mail newsletters with Google Analytics.
  • You can add a favicon.
  • Multi-language & multi-domain redirection: choose any combination of language and URL.
  • Completely new technical platform (clustered, virtualized web servers with failover, clustered back end servers in two locations, clustered servers and storage online & offline back-ups).
  • w3.org xhtml 1.0 compliant.
  • Faster response times will improve the Google relevance.
  • Page names (URLs) are case insensitive. No "page not found" because of capital and small letters.
  • Pages (URLs) are available with and without the ".html" extension. This makes the website Google-friendly, as the link is independent of underlying technology.
  • Multiple domain names and hostnames (like "http://www.domain.tld/", "http://example.domain.tld" and "http://www.company.tld/") per site. User configurable in Site Settings and in the Customer Portal under "My Domain Names".
  • Set Event Tracking on a Google link.
  • Latest version of Google Web Master Tools site verification code, configurable in Site Settings.
  • Automatically set the "language" meta tag per page, automatically use the current language setting. This ensures that search engines index that page in the appropriate language search index.
  • Set the homepage per language environment.
  • Payment Gateway has a configurable detailed logging level.
  • Payment module has a test product of 0.01 Euro. This is only visible to the site administrator. This allows to test the link to the production payment gateways.
  • List Data module (product catalogue, etc.) is downloadable as .CSV.
  • "Share with" social media bar
  • Insert a flash. You can set the version of swf.
  • Page title can be set independently of the menu title. This menu item title is useful for brevity but the page can be given a long title. Google displays search results using the long title.
  • Set a page title prefix and suffix for all pages, in the Site Settings Module
  • Automatic generation of landing pages.
  • In the admin section you can see which search engines have visited your website, by date.
  • Negeso Customer Portal
  • Negeso Google Rank Booster Program
  • Negeso Webshop App for iPhone and Android. Customers can use the app to browse and buy products from your online shop.
  • News and Newsletter modules integrate standard with popular social media, such as Twitter, Facebook, Hives, MSN Messenger, RSS, e-mail, sms and LinkedIn.
  • Negeso Site Translation Module; translate your entire site, all new items or just one specific item.
  • Ability to (temporarily) rent modules.
  • Moving menu item to and from unlinked page. Promoting an unlinked page to menu page.
  • New menu item: Site Settings -> Modules available -> Add module
  • Button added in module Product: Sort option
  • File count in the media catalogue.
  • Links to portal -> Edit DNS, buy domain, edit e-mail settings, SEO reports, edit my details
  • Web Forms Module is now standard.
  • Extensive site overview
  • Greatly expanded Site Settings - such as General:
  • Redirect rules: powerful redirection capabilities based on URL matching (domain name) and/or browser language to a subpage.
  • Greatly expanded Page Properties Module: among other things:
  • Inserting YouTube video into the editor
  • Moving menu items to unlinked pages. Promoting an unlinked page to a menu page.
  • Centralized online help pages
  • Twitter widget: inserting a Twitter widget (iframe) in a web page.
  • Flexible Provisioning Module: core modules can be activated in the back end with just one click. First FPM module will be the Negeso W/CMS Dead Link Checker. This module checks each page (visible and invisible) for any non-existing links.
  • Standard lots of storage
  • User-defined Global Placeholders: create centrally managed "placeholders" which you can place in any content page or article. Ensure consistent spelling of your company name or prevent pricing mistakes by using a product price placeholder on multiple pages.
  • Full control over the layout with CSS style editor.
  • Select a color pop-up with color chart, RGB codes, safe colors and named colors.
  • Rich Snippets (microdata). Add detailed information (product reviews, people, products, companies and organizations, recipes, events, music,...) to elements so that Google will display them in the search results, which has your website stand out.


Customers can also optionally join the Negeso Google Rank Booster Affiliate Program. Negeso will then ensure that websites and pages may receive a higher pagerank. It will of course be possible to view the current pagerank of each page in Google. For further optimization of a Negeso website, you can also make use of the Google Events, which allows you to track the movement of all your website's visitors.

Each of Negeso's customers gets access to the Customer Portal. Once you are logged in, there is the possibility to view the Online Help and Tips & Tricks. Also, an overview of current websites, modules and domains can be seen. There is also the option of online domain registration and you will be able to make changes to your DNS settings.


". . . Excellent service!"
Overall rating 5 / 5 based on 250 reviews.
"Innovative CMS and excellent service!"
" Negeso created our multi-language website. Online CMS, very easy to use. The automated Site Translation Module is a smart time saver. "
"Selling my products world-wide!"
" Negeso created our multi-language online store, connected to our world-wide payment gateway, and integrated our ERP/SAP. "
"Beautiful webdesign!"
" Negeso created a beautiful webdesign for our new website. Harmonic layout, nice typography, sweet graphics! They knew how to visualize the 'soul' of our organization. "


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