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Online Recruitment Solutions with Negeso W/CMS

Online Recruitment Solutions with Negeso W/CMS

Negeso W/CMS is a complete online recruitment solutions CMS. It is more than an Applicant Tracking System: the Recruitment Software Module of Negeso W/CMS integrates online, print and social media for desktop and mobile users. Negeso W/CMS gives you the online tools for managing the recruitment process and your website's content. Engage an applicant by being visible in Google and other search engines. Be part of online communities. Tap into social networks. Push vacancies multi-channel to print, online and social media platforms, to desktop and mobile tablet and smartphone users.


Using the Negeso W/CMS in combination with our Search Engine Optimization services, Negeso-SEO SERP SEO tool and SEO Backlink services, will rank you higher in Google and other search engines, which makes it more easy for an applicant to find you


Using the Negeso W/CMS Recruitment Software Module makes it possible for you to find the right candidates. It is a complete applicant tracking system, enabling you to manage each applicant, application, vacancy and the complete recruitment workflow from one central web console.


Negeso W/CMS integrates with social media platforms. Push news on vacancies automatically to social media channels, such as Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook.


Negeso makes your webdesign and builds your website with the most innovative CMS for a fixed price!

Candidate Engagement Management

Be visible to any candidate in Google and other search engines. Tap into social networks. Be part of online communities. Push vacancies multi-channel to print, online and social media platforms, to desktop and mobile users.

Front Office and Back Office Integration with the Negeso Recruitment Software Module

Managing the recruitment process requires integration between the front and back office. The Recruitment Software Module of Negeso W/CMS is fully integrated into the content management system. No separate recruitment solutions; you will be able to manage the entire recruitment workflow from one central web console.


Vacancies are managed by using the Recruitment Software Module. You can publish any number of job vacancies on your website. Negeso W/CMS does not impose any artificial limits. The vacancies are neatly organized and presented using the web design of your website. You can set a publication date and an auto expiry date. The standard Search Module also searches the vacancies.

Job applications

An applicant can apply to a job vacancy by filling out and submitting a form. You decide which information needs to be given and the applicant has the possibility to upload a cv. You and the applicant will automatically receive a notification e-mail. You can manage the e-mail templates in the Recruitment Software Module.

Open applications

The Recruitment Software Module also provides the possibility for an applicant to apply for a job in general, by filling out and submitting an open application form.

Applicant tracking system in Negeso CMS

Applicant tracking and your response to a candidate application is done in the Recruitment Software Module. From the overview you can reject applications or proceed to the next step. The content management system automatically sends a personalized e-mail to the applicant.


Like all components of the Negeso W/CMS applicant tracking system, the Recruitment Software Module is fully multi-language. Vacancies are multi-language, you can publish vacancies in multiple languages. You can automatically translate vacancies and other content using the Site Translation Module, standard in the Multi-Language Edition.

Regions and Departments

You can freely define regions for publishing vacancies. A region can be a town, province, country or any other geographical region you define. You can define departments to handle different regions.

Print-to-Online Conversion

Paper is still a valid channel for getting vacancies to a specific target applicant. Negeso W/CMS makes it possible to use short URLs and define URL aliases. Short URLs and QR codes increase your print-to-online conversion. Using the QR code generator, standard in Negeso W/CMS, you will be able to put a QR code on your printed media. Smartphone or tablet users can visit your web page or vacancy without having to type in the URL.

Website Visibility in Search Engines

Make it easy for an applicant to find you, by ranking higher in Google and other search engines on your recruitment keywords. Negeso W/CMS fully implements the Google Search requirements set for websites. You can set the metadata, such as title, description and keywords. Using the Negeso-SEO Search Engine Result Pages (SERP) monitoring tool, you will be able to monitor the position of your web pages in Google. The Negeso SEO Backlink services will help you to rank higher in Google and other search engines, by creating backlinks.

Website Design

“You only have 0.3 seconds to make a first impression on the Internet”. Our web designers will make an original handmade recruitment website design that represents your organization's identity.

Social Media Integration

The Negeso W/CMS News Pull Module integrates with all major social media platforms. You can publish a news article about a new vacancy on your website, and push it automatically to social media channels such as Twitter, without ever having to log in there. The social media post will contain a backlink to the vacancy on your website. This will increase the social-media-to-website conversion. You can integrate your website with LinkedIn, which makes it possible for an applicant to apply with a LinkedIn profile.

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Mobile App

Negeso can develop a recruitment app for you, that is integrated with the applicant tracking system. Supported smartphones and tablets include Apple’s iOS (iPhone, iPad), Google’s Android and Microsoft Windows Phone and 8. The app will be branded with your name. New vacancies are put under the attention of your target audience in real-time. Using the app, an applicant can apply directly to a vacancy online.

Choose Negeso W/CMS because...

... over 500 customers have already done so. Negeso has proven experience in creating a recruitment solutions website with the Negeso W/CMS applicant tracking system. Please see our references.

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Read more about the innovations, standard features, 10 editions and 90 modules of Negeso Website/CMS. Call +1.224 5520224 or +44.1200 640030 for a demo of the applicant tracking system.


Average rating 5 / 5 based on 250 reviews.
"All our vacancies managed centrally!"
"Present on all social media"
" With one click, our vacancies are published on our website, Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn account. Simple and time-saving!"
"Vacancies visible in search engines!"
" Combining the recruitment module with the Negeso-SEO module, our vacancies are visible in search engines, response has improved in both quantity and quality."
"Easy applicant management"
" All candidates are managed in one central location. We can now keep track of all our applications!"

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