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Google Integration with Negeso

Negeso Website/CMS integrates with these Google applications: XML sitemap, NOODP, page nofollow, link nofollow, spider frequency & priority, title element, meta tags description & keywords & copyright & author, Google Analytics, Google Web Master Tools, Google Event Trackers, Google AdWord Trackers, Google E-commerce Trackers and Google +1. With Negeso-SEO you will be able to improve the content of your website in order to get a higher ranking in Google and other search engines. Joining the Negeso Rank Booster Program will automatically increase the number of qualified incoming link count to your website.


Negeso uses the most innovative CMS to create your web design and build your website for a fixed price, integrated with over 17 Google functions:

Negeso Website/CMS integrates with the following Google features:

Google Search

A website that is built with N_WEBSITE_CMS% will be fully compatible with Google standards. This will allow Google Search to properly index all your pages so that they can be found very easily. That does not automatically mean that you will always be found. Your pages could be ranked very low in the index. However, with the Negeso-SEO Tools, which comes as a standard feature of the Negeso W/CMS Google Pack, you will be able to increase your Google Pagerank.

Google Web Master Tools

In Google Web Master Tools you can find important information about your website. The required verification meta tag will automatically be placed on your website by the CMS. You will be able to set your own Google Web Master Tools verification code in the Site Settings Module.

Google Analytics Tracking Page

Google Analytics will allow you to view the visitor statistics of your website. The required tracking code will automatically be placed in each web page by the CMS. You will be able to configure your own Google Analytics code in the Site Settings Module.

Google Analytics Event Tracking

Google Analytics Event Tracking will give you an extra set of tools that will help increase your ranking. It will allow you to record when a visitor has landed on one of your web pages. The Google Analytics Tracking Page will allow you to measure the moment that a visitor clicks on a link to go to your website. For example, you can see how your visitors have come to your website, i.e. which website they were browsing before they clicked on a link to go to your website. This will give you an insight into how customers find your website and allow you to improve it. You will be able to measure which interactive features your customers use as well.

Google Analytics E-Commerce Tracking

In a webshop that is built with Negeso Website/CMS you will be able to place orders in the back end. Google Analytics E-Commerce Tracking will give you access to interesting reports about the value of the transactions. The required tracking codes will automatically be placed on the web page by the CMS, once your visitors have completed their order.

Google AdWords Conversion Tracking

Google AdWords Conversion Tracking will allow you to measure the results of your Google AdWords campaigns. The required tracking codes will automatically be placed on your website by Negeso Website/CMS. The required conversion code can be set per page.

Rich Snippets (microdata)

Add detailed information (product reviews, people, products, companies and organizations, recipes, events, music) to elements on the page, which will be shown in Google's search results.

Advanced W/CMS feature

Negeso Website/CMS supports many features, such as NOODP, Google +1 and Google XML sitemap. If you require support for more features, please contact us.


Negeso W/CMS will allow you to improve the content of your website so that it reaches a higher ranking in Google. You follow the following 10 simple steps to dramatically increase your SEO score! Negeso Website/CMS is fully compatible with Negeso-SEO tools!

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