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You can buy a domain at Negeso, in cooperation with 12BuyDomain. You can link this domain online to your website in the Customer Portal.

If you would like to transfer an existing domain to Negeso, then please click the "Transfer a domain name" button below. In the cart you will be able to enter the domain name and the unlock code.

To buy an e-mail service, please click "Buy E-mail domain service". In the cart you will be able to enter the domain name.



In the search box below you can enter a domain name without .tld. Please click "Search" to see the available domains. On the right side in the table you can select the number of years. Of course you can renew the domain later. Then please click "Buy Now".

How can you buy a domain?

Please enter in the table below your domain name. Then click "Search". Select the "Top Level Domain" you would like to buy and the number of years you would like to claim your domain. Then please click "Buy Now".


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   . . . Excellent service!" Carla Green

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"Innovative CMS and excellent service!"

Negeso created our multi-language website. Online CMS, very easy to use. The automated Site Translation Module is a smart time saver.

"Selling my products world-wide!"

Negeso created our multi-language online store, connected to our world-wide payment gateway, and integrated our ERP/SAP.

"Beautiful webdesign!"

Negeso created a beautiful webdesign for our new website. Harmonic layout, nice typography, sweet graphics! They knew how to visualize the 'soul' of our organization.


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